Wednesday, 12 August 2015

what a obedience…!!!

we all are born in the cradle..
not to hate..
but to smile with abandon listless..
we are all taught not to lisp out curses..
but to spread whispers ethereal..
we all know..
deep down inside..
where no light of love can ever reach…
that we have to live as sisters and brothers with each other…
yet even when all the constitutions only elucidate on this..
we grow up into insolent subjects..
and arrogant citizens..
ignorant of our rights..
constantly trampling on other’s consciences ..
for we only pay our respects..
and exercise our obedience..
to humanity..
and its shared words of logic..
with lip service and flattering charades…
if this is what can be called obedience..
if this is what can be ascribed as allegiance..
then it is better to create new connotations
for both these terms much used and highly esteemed..
in all the known and unknown tones and speeches…

something must be wrong with our lives..
that we all created as innocent..
by the great forces of nature..
grow up with ideals corrupted..
and turn into monsters of vengeance unchecked..
wreaking havoc and unsolicited destruction..
on everyone and everything else….
it must be the curious case of the vanishing neutrinos..
of the strange paradox of the silent suns..
that we…
all crucibles of boundless creativity..
and passions boundless..
all sensible to the slightest indignation..
all hurt with the minutest taint..
all alive and active to the fundamental elements…
and the forces forever chronicled…
can react with each other..
with such sheer unplanned brutality…
we all like the taste of flesh..
but we all spend most of our scarce time..
and our lucky chances……
ripping it out..
off someone else’s ..
sorrowful heart…

we all are birthed..
with lots of twinkle..
in those eternally black pearls..
and lots of sparkle..
of curiosity out of this universe..
yet we all box up our souls..
and coffin down our voices..
not in respect to laws eternal..
or logical rationale..
nor we do all that adjustment and compromise..
and accept all that myriad diversity..
in the name of obeying..
all those wise virtues and values..
combed out through endless sacrifice ..
of much iron and salt..
but in uncontrollable reverence…
to imagined stories..
much maligned legends..
and much debated identities..
and much criticized figures ..
personas that can’t ever exist..
in the real planes of reality…
and go on to become smooth talkers..
and killers par excellence..
setting down our own limits..
thrusting forward our own perceived conjectures..
and exterminating without question..
anyone who ever dares  cross the rubicon..
of terms and dictates created…
by mere mortals of flesh and sins..

so it can be deduced..
with as much confidence..
as that of an ever glowing neutrino star..
that we all..
born as angels not bound..
incepted as agents free of any color..
inspired as winds that are never set at any direction fixed..
nor attached to any sail by coercion…
become slaves in the long years of growing up..
not to love or humanity….
nor to universe or creation..
nor to passions or imaginations..
nor to lust or sins…
but to stones and ink..
stones that can break away with the river of time..
ink that can vanish the chaos of space…
and become perfect tools..
to be used and reused..
by the much devious….
and the joyously deceptive…
going on and never ceasing…
to maim..
and dissect away…
all those who are still unbounded..
all those who are still unbonded…
and pay our obedience..
to all that is sound and feasible
with skillful manipulations..
and well planned acting..
the gloss and glitter of which..
would indeed entrance anyone..
but as i would echo again..
as someone..
who refuse to grow up..
and become an “Adult”
and realize the emptiness of the truth universal..
in a realm of perceptions epic..
that one should either obey..
what deserves to be obeyed..
with all earnesty and humility..
or just change the understanding of such terms..
or simply just dump it..
into the litter of obsolescence…
with a brashness..
worthy of Zeus’s praise..

my thoughts..


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