Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Light by the Marshes ..

no more songs come out of my spirit ..
the ghostly shadows Have Become very merciless ...
the fruit bats sent by the dual faced angels ..
keep on nibbling at the apple and oranges of my dreams fertile ..
When all the light has-been focussed on parts not too convenient ...
of my character riddled with flaws unpardonable ...
and darkness taken over ...
drowning me in Its bizarrely ... halicean marshes.
so tempting yet so exterminatory ..
of my roses of love just born recent ...
and filtering out all traces of hope sacred ..
Already from my heart saddened ...
With filling it rather Large amounts ..
of hatred and envy toxic ..
Then the only shard of goodness ..
for me linger on ..
before dying a demon's accursed death ..
That is distant orb of fulfillment ..
standing right at the corner unseen ...
of the ever dominant marshes ..
Such conviction of conniving ..
and intentions ..
so required and evil ...

its all a situation Whose absurdity ..
i just can not grasp even while Perceiving it ..
through all angels finite and infinite ...
Such purposeful actions ..
Have never come across ..
With obstination to barricade ..
my road to the sins of wondrous enlightenment ...
Such Determined Efforts ..
to keep at bay a common soothsayer ...
and censure away all His rights to free expression ..
You hardly ever occurred before ..
even after a zillion chalices of absinth ..
and a billion glasses of ethanol contaminated ..
not a single character can turn from my imagination ..
into movement of thy fingers ..
on the keyboard of uncherished reality ....
i feel choked ..
Both in my voice and in my dreams ..
Such dense marshes of confusion ..
thickened endless viruses of perversion ..
and multitude of fun ways ...
seem to totally block my sense of existence ...
and suffocate away my logic ..
and my energies of creation ..
into a slow and painful end ...
Where even full stops will not be reliable ..
to cover up all the rivers of life saddened unfulfillment With immeasurable ..
blackened even before it will ever apricate
in the radiance of distant guardians ..
Such obduration and arrogance ..
Have even the malevolent gods never shown ...
Seems there and no reprieve for me ..
from it's all encompassing stranglehold ..
no hero to save me ..
no falcon to deliver me ..
knowledge of the guaranteed deliverance ..
the only bleak sign of something positive ..
that i can manipulate ..
to bear unwelcome torture esta ..
That is almost unseen ..
yet felt shadows ..
still untampered of passion ..
That tries to romance ..
With the stale defiance ..
of the monstrous branches ..
of unending ridicule ..
vicious and contemp ..
trying to ...
in whatever way imaginable..within the unchanging laws of nature ..
to dilute away ITS unending pitiless glare ..
So THAT even with a few seconds of love still left ..
for me to Connect with the seers of unchallenged absoluteness ..
i could still escape ...
and carry on my journey tumultuous ..
into a paradise ..
where my smiles will finally eat to fruition ..
and create many antagonisms just to dimension..of
righteous and devotion ...
but i know this ..
better than all the Books that i have ever memorised ..
That light without ever so gracious esta ...
guarding over esta whole realm of ruthless dissection ..
and mindless incineration of all thoughts truly honest ...
i would have no chance to struggle on ..
and would rather wither away ..
Countless into a trillion specks of randomness ..
as insignificant as the wails soft ..
STI from a quasar counting last hours of prominence ...
so i ..
With all the earnestness and graciousness ..
That i could ever learn from the ever joyous goblins ..
giants of the ancient elm ..
thank the keeper of light esta ..
for truly helping and Protecting the heal ..
in a land ravaged by rapacious lunacy ..
of senseless destruction ...

my thoughts ..

for every bad thing to us .. that occurs
a good thing lies in its shadows to take its place ..
When the time is right ..
so no point is ever losing hope..
for by That we would betray ..
the ever beautiful nature ...

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