Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Marshes Light ..

There are more songs out of my mind ..
ghostly shadows have become very ruthless ...
Fruit bats sent by the two sides angels ..
 continue nibbling apples and oranges of my fertile dreams ..
when all light is focused on the parts not very convenient ...
My character riddled with flaws unforgivable ...
and assumed dark ...
I'm drowning in swamps strangely halicean ....
so tempting and so slayer ..
My roses of love just born recently ...
and filtering of all traces of sacred hope ..
from my heart and saddened ...
filling it with fairly large amounts ..
toxic hatred and envy ..
then the only fragment of goodness ..
for me to stay in ..
before he died the accursed death of a demon ..
is that compliance distant orb ..
Standing right on the corner not seen ...
marsh always dominant ..
connivance of such conviction ..
and intentions ..
so precise and evil ...

everything is an absurd situation which ..
I just can not grasp even as I perceive it ..
through all finite and infinite angels ...
such purposeful actions ..
They have never come across ..
barricade stubbornly ..
my way to the sins of the wonderful lighting ...
such determined efforts ..
to maintain a common guess at bay ...
and censor away all their rights to freedom of expression ..
just it has never happened before ..
even after a trillion absinthe chalices ..
and one billion glasses of contaminated ethanol ..
not a single character can move from my imagination ..
in the movement of your fingers ..
in reality uncherished keyboard ....
I feel drowned ..
both my voice and my dreams ..
such dense swamps of confusion ..
thickened virus endless perversion ..
and many fun ways ...
seem completely block my sense of existence ...
and stifle my logic ..
and my energies of creation ..
a slow and painful end ...
where even full stops will not be able ..
to cover all the rivers of life immeasurably sad failure ..
blackened even before ever apricate
in the glow of distant guardians ..
such obduration and arrogance ..
even malevolent gods have never shown ...
and there seems no respite for me ..
it is all encompassing domain ..
no hero to save ..
falconless deliver me ..
knowledge of the guaranteed release ..
the only grim sign of something positive ..
I can handle it ..
to endure this torture unwanted ..
is that almost invisible ..
still felt shadows ..
untampered passion yet ..
trying to romance ..
with the stale challenge ..
the monstrous branches ..
endless mockery ..
and vicious contemp ..
trying to …
imaginable..within anyway the immutable laws of nature ..
to dilute its infinite distance ruthless look ..
so that even a few seconds of love still left ..
for me to connect with the visionaries of absolute unanswered ..
I could still escape ...
and continue my tumultuous journey ..
in paradise ..
where my smiles finally come to fruition ..
and create a dimension..of many antagonisms only
and just devotion ...
but I know this ..
better than all the books I've memorized ..
without this light always so kind ...
keeping all this realm of merciless dissection ..
mindless and incineration of all truly honest thoughts ...
I have no chance to fight ..
and prefer wither ..
in a billion particles of randomness countless ..
as insignificant as the soft moans ..
from a quasar counting his last hours of prominence ...
so ..
with all the seriousness and kindness ..
I could never learn from the always cheerful goblins ..
the old giant elm ..
thank the keeper of this light ..
to really help and protect the sane ..
in a land devastated by raging madness ..
senseless destruction ...

my thoughts..

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