Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Reign of monuments…

All sleek and shiny..
all touched up and trendy..
all heartless and smileless..
only glittering by the light of Neon exploitative..
so much so ..
that people love to be communists once again..
no sight of any randomness..
no sign of any spontaneity..
the filth also neatly displayed..
sometimes a rotten fetus of love here and there..
or a carcass belonging to the accursed gender
sometimes an idol or two of the elephant..
rightly basking with the gold of death..
The more i live through such times noble..
the more i see through such deceptions magnificent..
people picked up..
cyclists walking dead…
it all becomes pretty much evident..
like the slow but humming stir of the first Nimbuses..
that we are no longer in a realm of hearts..
or feelings..
or passions..
or memories…
or anything substantive..
or even something critical..
of anything…
but we are more and more becoming drawn..
into a reign of inanimate soulless..
steel and concrete..
where the role of iron and silicon..
is increasingly becoming hazy..
both symbolically and qualitatively…
rather everything is focused..
with a vision refracted..
and hearts are incepted..
through mirrors cunning…
it's just not a place..
where one could find a whisper forlorn…
its not just a fragment of time..
where one could express…
one’s universe bluntly…
the minority now rule..
as robots of gems and plastic..
over empires of spires and struts..
touching and piercing through the nearest stars..
it is no longer the place ..
of respecting commitments..
nor  was it and will ever be..
the realm of obedience honest..
to glorious Athena..
now here everything is understood in terms of paper & horsepower..
your dreams are nothing..
but a topic to be joked at for some good profits…
by some cool comedian..
with fake tricks ..
and a charade of vulgar smiles..
it has indeed become the hour of machines..
those that are tooled to do the same tasks over and over again..
they have a heart..
and a brain..
full of muscles and oxygen..
with lots of Adenosine triphosphate.
reaching there unrepentant cells and neurons..
but no use of it..
for they rather meekly become slaves..
to constitutions  of stones and marble..
loving fellow mammalian brethren..
while busy cutting each other’s arteries..
over issues of disgruntled envy..
and cannibalistic arrogance..
it is indeed a strange land..
ruled over by things totally unpredictable and unexplained..
here hearts are produced and sold..
on the rate of golds and diamonds..
and honor..
of some foot of earth..
is much more important..
than the happiness of your own offspring..
all and everything is now decided by the paychecks..
and marks ever gotten..
through cheat or corruption..
but then what more can you eulogise about..
when everyone here have become so enlightened..
to only desire the future generation..
of one very noble sex…
forgetting the other one completely..
amidst the dance of the laden shopping carts..
and short dance….
in such times of almost unthinkable prosperity..
where a large multitude go straight to heavens..
with lots of blessings..and no bread…
why should i rap on so much..
why shouldn’t i enjoy…
the great days of our much wizened rules..
the idols and the monuments..
but then i would admit honestly..
that i am a sworn fool..
who loves his beef..
and his dubstep..
and considers princes to be tyrannous…
and dumb enough to love…
the small insignificant crescents…
and yes i will soon take the suicidal step..
of leaving this land of the golden Bird..
and emigrate to the land of..
penniless whispers and rusted buildings..
for home is where the heart is ..
some idiot somewhere may have opined ..
my home is in hell beautiful..
i am too allergic to the free gifts..
of the spotless Utopia..
of countless heavens..
i rather would love some downturn..
rather than…
numbing growth…
i prefer to be ruled by crazy humans..
than to be dictated by tags ..
and monuments..
both of rocks..
and great alphabets…...

my thoughts..

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