Saturday, 12 September 2015

  Amazonian Temptations…

Only skies get any permission to entry..
no profiles and
zero logins..
everything else seems a closeted circle..
all trails covered ..
all back doors shut with an iron will…
only the well heeled allowed entry..
those with flattery of words…
and vastness in wit…
but who am i..?
just a weird nobody..?
with plenty of scar tissues..
but not a single glorious one..
to ever present to anyone…
who is somebody…..
but i was born not the other day…
and saddled with the baggage of a interrupted mind..
and with the bile of roasted pine leaves…
an introvert with Delphic Desires..
a nobody with Amazonian temptations..
just glancing through..
and only observing…
without any action..
or any conclusive reaction..

The Crows are never the ornithologist's favourite..
after all..
with some dumb thinking..
one can easily deduce...without much of a pain..
who will ever leave the gracious pretty pink of
ethereal flamingoes…
and devote their hearts..
to a ugly messenger of ancient sins…
and no one ever cares for the idiotic pigs…
they are meat after all..
game for the hunters…
tender , luscious, delicious..
eaten with bones..
by a mass….
ravenous and hungry….
now imagine what happens…
if the crow and the pig become unlikely friends..
to protect their territories…
to immortalize their identities…
then apparent Armageddon occurs..
candle marches..
lots of passionate rioting..
After all
how can the weak…
the silent …
the uninteresting…
the unrepentant…
ever call out for justice..
when they are worth not more…
than the crumples of leftover weed…
but the insignificant also have a heart…
and a right fundamental to feel happy..
even the crows look pretty..
to an empty desolate soul ..
like me…
and the pigs also cry out..
when they are led out..
for much celebrated butchering…
all these mistakes of evolution..
also have some herculean dreams..
and temptations Amazonian…
and even their soul mates..
amongst the whole pile of rubbish
called Humanity..
have some wish let’s say..
or some criminal whim..
to get themselves heard..
and let their universes of words and tunes..
go free…
but alas it will never be…
for these unfortunate ones..
are regular consumers of cappuccino..
but not privy to any of the more stylish readings..
around it…
so we just float above..
with average results..
average grades..
average lives…
quick and painless deaths…
never ever taken any note of…
but enthused..
with boundless imagination..
and transformational creativity…

the mirror of the pc..
looks back at me..
or maybe my vengeful shadow..
or ghost smiling…
it’s noon now..
but chaos has become all encumbering..
like the veil of a moonless night..
in the middle of a thankless dour December…
everyone else around seems to be lost..
of just mindlessly happy…
and in the midst of this circus of dimensions infinite..
i stand alone..quite
i need to find a story quickly..
with some angle..
and lots of coriander…
to justify my existence…
on this world of empty nothingness…
routine searches look frustrating..
empty pages..
and more diatribe of multiple captchas
and diverse mediums of sign ups and sign ins…
you see..
even the virtual world..
has become old..
mature enough..
to trample on silence..
and kick our irreverent poverty…
only the stylish are given space..
and peace…
“Great personality”..
Beautiful Human Beings..”
manicured personas..
plastic faces..
smiles of dishonesty..
rule the bits and the beams…
with a lost lip here..
and a spirit forever buried..
within the zillion incoherent noise of gore..
and “Breaking exclusives..”

but you see..
I was not born with a algorithm..
perfectly programmed into the chip of limitless curiosity..
clearly defining the limits of “Civilization”
and teaching me the benefits of shunning up..
and locking down all those questions of miraculous proportion..
and blood churning necessity…
along with killing slowly..
all those brazen..
yet pure..
enlightening emotions..
that are by its very soul of recklessness..
completely cannibalistic to all irrational constraints..
and corrupted intransigence..
its Amazonian in perspective..
for it looks above and below..
without any deliberate bias…
of favoured judging..
and it’s shapeless..
not defined by laws unchangeable..
or properties archaic..
it’s not just revolutionary..
but it's trans-dimensional..
for it wraps around entire realities ..
completely re framing it…
and resurrecting it into
realms of true love..
and wisdom democratic…
but here..
in this big planet of hierarchies…
where everything is networked to make sure..
no anonymous ever hacks into the relentless matrix of silent impunity ..
and derails it completely…for straight justice..
has absolutely not even one molecule of mercy..
rejects like me…
who their very hideous definition..are
totally abject..
and insidiously lazy..
riddled with tears of autism..
crippled with thoughts of an eternally nomadic conscience..
that seeks new ways to dream..
and new horizons to spread unconditional bliss…
so i am..
what the layman terms as the terrorist..
ready to blow up..
with a billion tonnes of Acid and TNT..
ready to destruct the allowed notions of sanity...
and unleash the only existence of space and time..
where Amazonian temptations like mine..
are truly honoured ..
and fulfilled..
amidst the unprejudiced conventions..
of ever entrancing anarchy..
and creativity finally blossoms up
into a trillion rivulets..
and a million saplings…
of black blue red orange yellow
and crazy green…
without any pernicious intent..
or conscientious design….
just like in the peaceful paradises of
guarded with sacred zeal..
in the bosoms of the Gondwanan deep..

my thoughts..

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